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Alaqsa Halal Meats & Groceries store is located in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are offering fresh halal meat and grocery items near you. Feel free to visit our store or call us for more details.

Where to Get Halal Meat Near Me ?Al-Aqsa Best Halal Meat,Jewelry & Groceries Shop in Philadelphia

HALAL meat in Philadelphia

Halal Meat Shop

Halal Meat Store Nearby

We provide 100% halal meat, so you can enjoy the most superior quality meals without a hassle. 

Groceries in Philadelphia

Grocery Store Philadelphia

Grocery Shop Near Me Open

We have every grocery item in premium quality one could think of under one roof.  

Best Jewelry Shop in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store Near Me Open Today

We sell original and breathtakingly gorgeous designs of necklaces, bangles, earrings, and whatnot. 

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419 E Wyoming Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19120


+1 215-324-0720